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Material Specs

We use an application that is not a paint or a stain, but one that is formulated using tough acrylics, color pigments and cementitious materials. These materials don't just cover up concrete, but penetrate into the pores to seal out dirt, oils, most chemicals and water. 

Time tested since 1972, our materials have proven to be the best money can buy. whether you have an oily, mildew, rust stained or new concrete, we can transform it into a colorful, textured finish that will retain its elegant appearance year after year.

New Look  Technical Report

Un modified concrete
New look modified concrete
Shear bond strength
(strength of bond between two surfaces)
80 PSI
250 PSI
Tensile strength
(The ability to resist pulling apart)
210 PSI
925 PSI
Comprehensive strength
(How much weight can be applied before breaking)
2265 PSI
4365 PSI
Flexural strength
(The ability to withstand pressure between points of contact)
750 PSI
7830 PSI
Impact strength
(How much force is required to break the surface)
5 in. LBS
37 in. LBS
Abrasion resistance
(Weight loss under abrasive wheels)
Fade factor
(Over 7 year approx.)
  • Highest quality products
  • Applicable to all climates
  • Easy to maintain
  • Salt, oil, rust & mildew resistant
  • Helps prevent cracking
  • Extremely durable
  • Slip resistant
  • Create your own designs
  • Complete Color selection
  • Flexible to resist chipping